Knowing Your Roots

Did you know that Wisconsin farms provide jobs for almost 354,000 people? Did you know that those farms also produce more than $59 billion for the Badger State?

While it may seem as if you’re not seeing as many farms as you once used to while driving across Wisconsin’s beautiful landscapes, keep in mind that nowadays, some farms have more acreage than they once used to. Years ago, farms were considered large if they had hundreds of acres. But today, many farms have thousands of acres, and some even tens of thousands.

Wisconsin Agriculture

(Courtesy: Pierce Co. Herald)

So what does that growth mean for today’s agricultural industry? First of all, it means a greater responsibility for the farmers that work that acreage to meet consumer demands. Second of all, it means more available jobs and the need for new hires to fill them. For instance, some positions that farms are adding are workers to help run the harvesting and planting equipment. They’re also hiring scientists to do product research right on the farm, which helps ensure product quality. And let’s not forget all the people needed for their expertise inside the office! With more acreage comes the need for more employees to answer the phones, manage financial accounts and oversee other employees as managers.

And if we take it one step further, some of these farms may even choose to add a washing or packaging facility with their increased acreage. If and when that happens, there are additional employee opportunities.

And the bottom line is that all this is great for the local and national economy!

So the next time you see a Wisconsin farm, consider all the changes that farm may have experienced the past few decades, and how those farmers are working as hard as ever to put food on your table!

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