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Farm Perspectives: Keeping an Eye on Water Quality

Water QualityNow that most of our seed has made its way below the soil, it is time once again to bring water issues to the forefront of our minds. The clean, readily available water in the central sands region of our state is key to the production of the valuable potato crop each and every year. The quality of the water that is applied to our potatoes and other vegetables has always been minded with great care not only for us here at Okray Family Farms, but for all growers in the central Wisconsin area as well. (more…)

Thoughts for Food: The Leafhoppers are Coming!

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It’s the growing season in the Central Sands and a new crop is emerging; carrots are peeking up amid the oats, a “nurse crop” that is used to protect the delicate young carrot seedlings from damaging winds and all of us have an expectation for another great crop.  Although most Wisconsin farmers are keeping an eye on the carrots, they are also concerned with what’s happening in southwest Arkansas.  Why? (more…)

Farm Perspectives: Improved Food Quality and Safety By Advanced Technology

NutoChanges in technology are a major driving force in the agricultural business, and are one aspect of farming that growers should strive to keep up-to-date.  These advancements have a broad spectrum that can vary from enhanced seeds to state-of-the-art tractors.  With increased interest and policies concerning greater food safety, these innovations are becoming a necessity.

Here at Nuto Farms, food safety is an integral part of our entire operation. (more…)

Thoughts for Food: Why are Farm Tractors so Huge?

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You’re driving down a two lane highway, flying along at 55 mph and then you see it—the flashing lights, the giant tires—what kind of a tractor is that?  You want to pass, but that thing is huge!  Whatever happened to the skinny, little tractor with the triangle on the back, the one that could almost ride on the shoulder?  Do farmers really need these machines?  And why have they gotten to be so big?  Is bigger really better? (more…)

Farm Perspectives: Growing Under GAP

Our growing season is finally underway here in Central Wisconsin. One of the really interesting things about agriculture is the incredible diversity of challenges that we have to deal with despite going through the same general process year in and year out.
Potato HandsObviously the nature of growing plants doesn’t change dramatically from year to year: we plant seeds, provide them water while protecting them from pests and disease, and then harvest them. But the details and challenges in the system are constantly changing. (more…)

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