Knowing Your Roots

NutoChanges in technology are a major driving force in the agricultural business, and are one aspect of farming that growers should strive to keep up-to-date.  These advancements have a broad spectrum that can vary from enhanced seeds to state-of-the-art tractors.  With increased interest and policies concerning greater food safety, these innovations are becoming a necessity.

Here at Nuto Farms, food safety is an integral part of our entire operation. It includes growing, harvesting, warehousing, packing and shipping. It also includes non-production items such as training of employees and training materials.

This past season we made advancements in the shipping portion of our food safety by installing and implementing an electric PTI (Produce Traceability Initiative) system, which will eventually replace our current method.  Once we have the PTI system fully functioning, we will be able to identify, with just the click of a button, when a box of potatoes is filled, and the exact time that specific box is placed onto a semi.  The ability to trace back and track down our product is beneficial in confirming the health of our potatoes.

We also implement a small device called a “smart spud” which allows us to view any potential stresses that a potato could receive on its journey from harvest to packaging. With this pressure sensing “potato” we have been able to eliminate impact zones that could possibly harm our potatoes. For us, keeping produce bruise free and healthy is a major step in our food safety program. These are just a couple of our many systems that we have employed in our goal to achieve superior food safety.

Along with our efforts to keep current with the newest technology, we also strive to maintain both a sterile and safe workplace.  In order to assure that, Nuto employees hold one another accountable to our stringent guidelines for producing safe and quality products.

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