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Thoughts for Food: It’s a hard life for beetles!

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Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a potato beetle in Wisconsin; as warm weather finally arrives and the Colorado potato beetles wake up from their long winter’s nap, what happens in their world?  Let’s look at it from the beetle’s point of view: (more…)

Farm Perspectives: Reaping What We Sow

Potato plants in fieldThe phrase “Reap what you sow” is one of those phrases that often times congers up negative connotations. While it is true that there is a part of this verse from the Book of Galatians that warns that putting little effort or effort with mal intentions into something will lead to negative consequences, there is a positive side to the phrase as well. If you put good and honorable work into something, good things will come out of that effort. Such is the way of farming in the truest of senses. (more…)

Thoughts for Food: Restoring Natural Ecosystems on Farms

Blog 18Spring is a beautiful time, with flowers blooming and color returning to our landscapes.  In farming regions, color is returning as well in the form of diverse habitats and native landscapes.  In an effort to “restore natural ecosystems,” the potato growers of Central Wisconsin and the International Crane Foundation of Baraboo, WI have formed a collaboration to manage the participating farms as whole ecosystems. (more…)

Farm Perspectives: Mother Nature helps Farmers Tend their Fields

Spring has finally arrived and it is great to be in the fields at Alsum Farms & Produce in Friesland, WI. We are later than normal, in fact this is the latest date we have started to plant in my 25 years of growing potatoes.larry_alsum_home

We started on Thursday, 4/25 and the conditions were very good. We had the normal first day problems and only got 15 acres planted. The next few days went much better and we are now averaging about 100 to 120 acres per day. (more…)

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