Knowing Your Roots

potatoesThere is no doubt that our industry is as constantly changing as any other. With the continual rise of technology in our modern age, it is of utmost importance that the agriculture industry keeps up with the new requirements, electronics, and software that help us stay connected to our customers.

With the implementation of PTI (the Produce Traceability Initiative), staying connected to our product – no matter where it may be – is more possible now than ever before. Since the installation of the PTI scanners, printers, and software in many of the packing sheds across the state of Wisconsin, consumers can rest assured that they would be able to trace their potatoes back to the exact field they were grown in, know the day they were planted, harvested, and everything in between.

This information is printed right onto the packaging that holds the potatoes that families bring home from the grocery store every day, and while they might not know what the groupings of letters and numbers mean, these codes hold all the data that a grower would need to identify a bag of potatoes, regardless of where it was purchased from.

Dick Okray, co-owner of Okray Family Farms in Plover, Wisconsin had this to say about PTI: “It is, without a doubt, one of the best tools that customers have to connect with their food – it is the ultimate field to fork technology.”

To learn more about the Produce Traceability Initiative, please visit

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